About Buzze


Our Story

Buzze was created when our Founder and CEO. Aaron Lieberman bought his first EV charger. He quickly discovered the struggles of the charging challenged as he did not have a charger at home. So he worked through pains of supercharging, chargers that don’t work, and always trying to get those few extra miles of charging when at a store.


The moment his level 2 charger was installed at his house, he realized this is awesome! It was like having your own personal gas pump in your driveway. But then he realized it sat unused all but 1 or 2 nights a week. This is where the concept of Buzze started. Maybe we can build an app that allows all EV owners with chargers to offer their chargers to their neighbors and make a little money in the process. Like “Airbnb” for EV charging. This concept was the start to Buzze. 

After launching in November of 2023, we quickly realized that our most successful hosts lived in close proximity to multifamily housing and rental districts. Discovering this, led us to realizing how few apartments and condos have EV charging stations. With this new found information, we set out to help resolve this problem by building out a multifamily arm of Buzze to strictly focus on providing affordable charging solutions to be installed on multifamily properties. 

Our Team

Aaron Lieberman
Founder & CEO
Jesse Martin
Co-Founder & CPO
Nestor Carrillo
Head of Growth
Janice Ribordy
Outreach Coordinator