Seamless EV charging solutions for multifamily


Buzze integrates effortlessly with multifamily properties

Providing an end-to-end solution for EV charging. Our comprehensive process includes a discovery call, incentive search for “free money,” site evaluation, installation, go live, and earn. Once live, easily manage your charging reservations, allow drivers to schedule the chargers to fit their schedule, and get paid. Continuous support ensures smooth operation. Upgrade your property today and attract more tenants and happy drivers.


Our Process

Explanation of Buzze's end-to-end solution for multifamily housing

1. Discovery Call

Understand your needs, customize our solution, initial estimate.

2. Incentive Search

Help you find incentives that can cover up to 100% of costs.

3. Site Survey

Professional assessment of your property for optimal installation.


Planning, Design, Permitting & Approval.

5. Installation

Expert installation through a nationwide network of certified EV charging station contractors.

6. Go Live

Get your charging stations up and running smoothly through our onboarding process and live support.

7. Earn

Start earning from your EV charging stations.

Find out what incentives are available to reduce your installation cost up to 100%.

Admin Panel

Our SaaS admin panel provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help you efficiently manage your EV charging stations. Key features include:

Admin-Portal Large

   Activity Monitoring

Keep track of all reservations and charging activities in real-time.

   Earnings Tracking

Monitor and track your earnings from each charging session.

   Detailed Reports

Generate detailed reports on usage, performance, and earnings to help you make informed decisions.

   Automated monthly payments

Charger earnings are deposited directly into your account each month.

   Charging Station Management

Efficient and effective management with our user-friendly, powerful admin panel ensuring optimal uptime & reliabilty.


We communicate to the chargers using a globally recognized standard, ensuring top-notch security.


We utilize some of the most reliable yet cost-effective chargers on the market. Through partnerships with some of the top EV charger manufacturers of today, ensure that every EV charger on the Buzze network is long-lasting, reliable, low cost, and supported to ensure that your tenants have reliable, low-maintenance charging at home.



5 year warranty.

  Charging Speed  

40-80 amp level 2 charging.


45-70 miles of range per hour.


4g carrier agnostic connectivity to ensure maximum reliability.


Tested to extreme high and low temperatures.

  Global Communication Protocol

OCPP compliant - allowing them to be networked by most world-leading EV charging applications.

Driver App

The Buzze driver app offers several key features:

  • Seamless Reservation: Drivers can schedule up to 7 days in advance.
  • Payment: All transactions are paid before charging.
  • Monitoring: Drivers can effortlessly manage every charge.
  • Convenience: Tenants can charge at home rather than at a supercharger.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate and use.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Drivers stay informed with instant updates.


  • Attract Quality Tenants: Appeal to environmentally conscious, financially stable, & tech-savvy renters who value sustainability & modern amenities.
  • Less Turnover: Tenants are more likely to stay with convenient EV charging options.
  • Longer Leases: Increased tenant satisfaction leads to longer lease agreements.
  • Increased Property Value: Enhance the appeal and value of your property with modern amenities.
  • Future Proof: Take advantage of available incentives now and add EV charging as a unique amenity for your property that will pay dividends over the next 10+ years.
  • Live Support: Conveniently submit a support ticket, chat live, or call us.
“The sales team is amazing! They found incentives for our property that we didn't even know existed. They literally saved us thousands on our EV charger installation project!”
Buzze Customer
“I loved working with Buzze. They were knowledgable, transparent, and very professional. They walked me through every step with ease and confidence.”
Buzze Customer
“Using the Buzze app has changed my outlook on charging my EV. No more wasting time on long lines and broken chargers.”
Buzze Driver


What incentives are available?

Great question! You can talk to a Buzze team member and provide them with you location and utility provider, and they will do all the work locating any available incentives for your property. 

How does Buzze make sure the chargers remain functional?

Buzze has agnostic 4g connectivity, so if one service provider goes down, it shifts to another service provider. Buzze's software also monitors the chargers to alert us if one isn't working properly so we can fix it. If there is a hardware issue, the charger is covered by up to a 5 year warranty and an O&M package so there are no out of pocket costs. 

Do my tenants charge for free?

Buzze does provide a way your tenants can charge for free. However, that decision is yours to make. You can choose to have your tenants charge for free, reduced cost charging, or full priced charging. 

Can I set my own rates?

No.  Your cost of electricity is entered into the software, and the rates are automatically generated to ensure you make a profit and driver costs remain affordable. 

Is there a revenue split

Yes. You earn 80% of all charges that occur. 

What if I don't want people charging at certain times?

You will have complete control over the availability of the chargers installed on your property. You can restrict access if you see the need to do so. 

What is the average charge time people book for?

Everyone and every situation is different. Some people will charge for 2 hours and others will charge for 6. It all depends on their current battery level, how full they want their battery, etc. On average, people generally charge for 4-6 hours. 

Why should I install chargers when there is a Supercharger a couple miles away?

EV drivers would much rather plug their car in at home, where they can go inside and continue their day while their car is charging. Waiting in lines at a Supercharger, dealing with broken chargers, and sitting in your car while it charges is not ideal.

Having EV chargers onsite will encourage EV drivers to become tenants. 

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